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  Chev Camero   BMW E90 320i M

 BMW E90 320I M


The 320i Sports model has quite a number of differences as compared to the standard 320i SE (base model). The most noticeable difference would be the M Aerodynamics kit which is made part of a front air dam with bigger air inlets and an integrated rear diffuser.

Another distinctive exterior feature of the Sports to help complement its looks is the Shadow Line high gloss black window recesses and mirror frame. The 320i Sports is also lower than its base model, with a total height reduction of 15 millimeters.


The 320i Sports version is fitted with a 2.0 litre inline-4 Valvetronic power plant with an additional of 6 horsepower revving it up to a total of 156 bhp @ 6400 rpm.

Acceleration with 0 to 100 km/h taking 9.7 seconds. Maintaining about 110 km/h on the freeway,  Handling & Ride Comfort

The Germans have hit the right spot in terms of handling and ride comfort with the 320i Sports. The Sports version is fitted with an M Sports Suspension with an optimized lightweight stiff chassis and axle. Both on slow and high speed corners, the car sticks on the road and it gives the driver more confidence to push it to its limits.

The fact that the car is lowered by 15 millimeters and that it has a diffuser at the back means that 320i Sports is much more stable through curves and bends as downforce is increased and it actually gives the driver more room to play with. In terms of ride comfort, it is a balance between sporty handling and ride comfort.  


You would first notice a thick rimmed M leather (perforated Aero leather) steering wheel which will prompt the thought of taking the longer way back home. This feeling intensifies as you notice that the sports seat which nestles you nicely while you adjust the how much you want the seat to wrap your back with just a press of button on the lower side of the seat. The built in air compressor pumps the side support of the seat, and the left front passenger also enjoys this cool feature.

Another neat feature in the inside is the multi-functional front center arm rest which features a USB port for your iPod or any other MP3 player or thumbdrive, and a strap holder for it. There is also a refrigerated cup holder.

Other than that the interior is rather standard with its cool Aluminum Glacier Silver finish on the dashboard, fully black trim and standard controls such as dual cabin temperature control and cruise control.  


The best in the 3 Series class. Awesome to drive