What's HOT and What's NOT 

What's HOT


This type of Travel which appeals to the ecologically conscious has risen in popularity. Here travelers look at locations and natural highlights are the prime attractions. 

Hiking Adventures:

With people practicing more active lifestyles and desiring more "visceral"experiences, its no surprise that hiking excursions have grown.

Authentic Travel:

Travelers who are looking to nurture their mind, body and spirit find that this travelling offers the best of all worlds. 


This category that's rising in popularity. Volunteer travel, at it's otherwise known, incorporates a community volunteer project with travel to a foreign country. 


 What's NOT

Adventure Light:

With cultural excursions with distance of all-inclusive resorts. The generation that was raised on constant stimulation needs to be engaged, and doing nothing for hours at a time is not actually relaxing anymore.

Cool Cruising: 

People want to get more hands on instead of of watching from the bow of a ship. It still attracts the crowd but there has been a drop in interest. It is not as wild and rugged as it used to be, because it's so much more accessible now. 

 Travel Trends 2015

Travel 2015



Travel Trends 2015

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